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Big Man Poems and Stories in Inverclyde Libraries!

  • Children aged 8-12 years old came to the libraries to write stories and poems, inspired by the Big Man’s visit. They talked about the mythology surrounding the Big Man, and tried to imagine his history, his reasons for returning, and his perceptions of Inverclyde. The results are the wonderful poems and stories below. Amy read hers to the Big Man on Friday in Port Glasgow: Big Man By Amy Begg, aged 9 Brilliant Interesting Giant Magical Always helpful Never nasty Waterproof Ancient man Loves music Keeps on LOVING INVERCLYDE! Inverclyde Loves Him Never will leave us! Going down our streets. The Big Man Walking By Rachael Jardine, aged 11 Big Man Walking welcome to our town! I hope you will enjoy being here today! Great outfit Big Man! My my, you’re tall! And I hope you don’t fall! Now you’re here, you’ll have to go to the Greenock Museum What would you like to eat Big Man? And maybe you would like some lemonade or coke? Love is what you brought to our hearts, you taught us how to be caring and kind! Kind or cruel, you treated us well. I love you Big Man! Never nasty, always kind. Great Big Man, we all love you, please come back and see us again soon. He Comes Back By Amy Begg On Saturday Big Man comes to Greenock to see us and the Fireworks Show. My class has made some lanterns to show him to the Fireworks show. We all hope he’ll have a great time and see all our high-tech gadgets. He looks so high-tech, and everyone is excited. Big Man Playing Mini Golf By Lewis Macdonald, aged 8 Big man on a BMX bike, jumping over the River Clyde, and going down the river. Playing mini golf and eating fish and chips. Big Man Fell From the Sky By Steven Donald, aged 10 Big Man fell from the sky Big Man’s head fell in pie Big Man’s foot hit a woman And Big Man ran away zoomin One day a Big Man walked up the Wellpark. He did not see the hill and ended up…’rollin’ rollin’ down the road’. Big Man Walking By Lauren, aged 8 One day a child was waiting to meet Big Man, but sadly he did not know what he looked like. He waited and waited for 3 hours in Port Glasgow. He began to get hungry, and he went to buy a hot-dog. Standing right in front of him was the Big Man. He started shouting “Big Man” and repeated. One day he told his friends he saw the Big Man and described what he looked like. He was strong, had long hair, and an I heart my life t-shirt, and jeans and black shoes. And the same happened to his friends. The End. Big Man Walking By Francesca Fisher, aged 9 One day a child was looking out their window and saw a big blue man! They felt very scared, but it turned out he was safe and both became good friends. The Big Man Walking By Kirsten Jardine, aged 9 One day many years ago, a big man fell from the sky to help make Scotland a better place. What he did was he threw boulders into the sea to make islands and scared away all the wild beasts into the forest. After he recovered all of his feathers he decided to go back to his home in the sky. The people missed you after you left but they knew you would come back. They were right, because here you are today. We all love you, thank you very much. The Big Man Walking Poem By Carla Louise Bryce aged 9 Big Man walking in the street Big Man on his feet Big Man sleeping on the road Big Man weeping in code. Big Man from Zimbiea Big Man sitting on the beach Big Man lives in a tree Big Man loves Inverclyde And… WE ALL LOVE THE BIG MAN! The Big Man By Carla Louise Bryce aged 9 One day I was sitting on my bed. I heard stomping and then I saw a giant man at my window. I shouted “Ahhhhhh” I closed my blinds and ran downstairs to my mum. I said “Mum there is a monster at my window!”