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A Big Lady for a Big Man

  • The Big Man was coming to Dumfries and should meet his Own Big Lady in the form of 6 metre tall Devorgilla. The Big Lady was designed by artist Susan McKay and was built by the artist and a team of enthusiastic volunteers from the North West Resource Centre and other helpers. I got involved at a late stage and helped complete Devorgilla the night before her blind date with the Big Man. We left her swathed in protective wrap in Susan's garden hoping that she would survive the night. The morning saw her well and ready to be taken to the town centre. There she was completed and assembled. She was decorated with a necklace, cloak and flower posy and awaited her Big Man. When he finally emerged from his pod, he turned and saw His Lady. He blinked slowly and they exchanged a poem and song. Devorgilla waited behind when the Big Man went walkabout Dumfries.

    I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this project and would like to congratulate Susan and all her helpers on this achievement. I am sure the Big Man was happy with his blind date