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I hate my car :(

  • I am getting sooo frustrated,, here we are it's thursday night 23.31 and my car is at the mechanics because she is old and decrepit and her starter motor is,,,,,, well it ain't starting!!!!! So I am meant to get her back tommorow night but as my mr-fix-it is my mate and was not in when i dropped her off his Dad was trying to assure me he would have it done in time for me to get it back for me to get down to Greenock on Saturday. Please gods of favor be on my side.. lol I really want to be there on Sat and my wee boy is excited. So I'll keep my fingers, toes and eyes crossed (the last one may give me a headache) and hopefully she'll be back in my loving arms tommorow even though I'll still hate her,, just don't tell her though she is sooooo tempermental lol.