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Big Man Walking in Dumfries - what a day!

  • From the moment The Big Man emerged from his magic pod beside the High Street fountain and straightened up to his full 8 metres tall, Dumfries was an enchanted place.

    The Big Man stepped forward and looked down at the crowds, and blinked huge, wise green eyes, his lips curved in a gentle smile. Crowds of people stood open-mouthed. Then puppeteers with giant feather dusters tickled the Big Man’s hands. He shut his eyes and shook very softly. Babies held high on shoulders burst out laughing.

    Across the High Street stood the willowy form of Devorgilla, a 6m tall maiden created by the people of Dumfries. The lady was a show-stopper in flowing skirts painted with the glorious landscapes of Dumfries and Galloway: fields and hills and woods flowed down to the golden beaches, and a blue sea lapped around her mighty ankles. She read aloud a love poem composed specially for The Big Man’s visit.

    Well, it takes a big girl from Dumfries to handle a giant.