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  • Be a Puppeteer for the Big Man’s Day in Dumfries

    When Big Man Walking comes to Dumfries on Saturday 29 May, he’ll bring with him the opportunity of the century – a competition to join his team of skilled puppeteers. In fact, it’s your chance to show him Dumfries!To enter the competition go here.All you have to do to enter is answer the question, ‘...
  • Big Man Walking at the Dumfries and Galloway Festival

    Hello!As you'll be aware, Big Man is going to be at the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival on 29th May 2010. Check it out here!Indira
  • Lasting Impact of Big Man Walking?

    Hello,I was pottering around this weekend, and I suddenly wondered "What's going on in all the places Big Man visited, now he's gone?" so I thought I'd write a blog and ask...What has been the lasting impact of Big Man visiting your community?A brilliant memory?Or something more? Have you been inspi...
  • The Big Man is becoming a new myth!

    Hello,A visitor to The Lab yesterday pointed this out to us, which we all found hilarious in an exciting way: Big Man as an Avatar Idol? Hope you're all well. There are exciting developments in the Big Man's office, we will tell all soon...Indira
  • Help Us Choose The Best Photos from Featured Albums

    Hello! 2009 may have passed, but it's not the end for Big Man, oh no! We have just reached 3,000 photos on the Big Man website! Thank you for all your enthusiasm! We'd like to pull together the best photos, and we'd like to know which are the best in your opinion... I have made small albums for ...
  • Photos!

    Hello, There are some brilliant photos on flickr. Click here or copy and paste the following link:
  • Big Man Wishes Us A Happy 2010

    Hello, 1st January was a fantastic day - cold, but beautiful, with a clear sky. We really couldn't have asked for better for Big Man's outing. Big Man Walking was a part of the Edinburgh Hogmanay events organised by Unique Events who dubbed him "New Man Walking" - Big Man Walking into the New Year...
  • Big Man Warms Up His Muscles in Preparation for January 1st

    Hello! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas... This is just a quick wee reminder that Big Man will be Walking in Edinburgh on the 1st January to bring in the New Year. I'm sure you're all aware of this by now, but... he'll be starting off behind Holyrood Palace and will then walk up the Royal Mil...
  • Big Man Walking - January 1st 2010, Edinburgh

    Click here to see the Edinburgh Hogmanay website page for Big Man Walking in Edinburgh on January 1st 2010. We hope to see you there!
  • Big Man Walked

    What an amazing few months it has been, and it's unbelieveable that here we are, 10th of November, and the last Big Man Walk has happened... (for now...) It really has been an amazing experience. Each community we visited had such individual ideas and ways of welcoming the Big Man - what a wonderfu...