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September Already? Big Man Arrives This Month!

  • Hey hey Watchers! How are you? Give me a moment to self-pity... I am not so well... Yes, it's true, I seem to have picked up a virus that's going around. (Not Swine Flu though, and I'm getting better, so don't worry!) Hey, we've got a Bebo page now, so if you're on Bebo go check it out and join up here. Also we have Facebook, YouTube and 2 Twitters - Symon's and The Puppet Lab's. Well here we are in to week 2 of rehearsals... Exciting! The tiny sneak preview I've had was fantastic! Our handsome, mythical Big Man looks amazing. And the puppeteers are all wonderful, lovely people and getting to know one another and the Big Man which is great. We've had a wee bit of bother putting videos up - bare with us, we'll no doubt get it sorted soon. The videos are fab, aren't they? I can't believe it's September already - our first Big Man Walking event (Bute) is later this month! Crazy! (In a good way.) In Edinburgh the Fringe has finished and that always signals the start of Autumn for me... and the air does seem to have a bit of a chill to it... Did you see anything good, if you were in Edinburgh? I saw some fantastic things, which was pretty lucky... I better go, lovely Watchers... There's an arm's length of emails to catch up on... Ciao x