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Puppeteers Arrive

  • Hi Watchers, This is a momentous week... Our Big Man Puppeteers arrived to start rehearsals on Monday! Drum roll please for (in no particular order): Kim, Iain, Chris, Rachael, Ewan, Emma, Florencia, Fernanda, Jeremy, Kata, Reem and Ross. Yay! It was well exciting on Monday morning as the puppeteers arrived, got to know each other, tried on their costumes and ate pastries... And now the hard work begins! I'm going to sneak off to the TopSecretLocationSomewhereElseInEdinburgh this afternoon to see if I can see a giant walking around yet, or if he's still a sleeping beauty... Alex is back in town turning his hand to culinary delights for the puppeteers and filming more funky wee short vids for the site - have you seen his latest one? I love the people of Port Glasgow! Can't wait til we get there! Check the video here. Also, the second issue of Brikolage is being distributed this week and will be in fabulous venues across Edinburgh - look out for it as there is an article on the building of Big Man's skeleton, as well as other brilliant things. A list of the venues should be up on the Brikolage facebook page, I'm told, so check that out... Nice one, Watchers! Until next time... xx