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Big Man Walked

  • What an amazing few months it has been, and it's unbelieveable that here we are, 10th of November, and the last Big Man Walk has happened... (for now...) It really has been an amazing experience. Each community we visited had such individual ideas and ways of welcoming the Big Man - what a wonderful response! Thank you! As I'm sure you're aware, Big Man was on The Hour last week. On the Thursday 5th November episode (part 2 about 8.35 mins in) there's an interview with Symon Macintyre, Kim Bergsagel and Simon Owen; and on the Friday 6th November episode (part 3 about 8.10 mins in) they followed the Big Man on his visit to Invergordon. Well, as I've hinted, the Big Man may be having a wee rest now, but he is scheduled to come out again, and we'll be sure to keep you posted! Indira and the Big Man Walking team