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Big Man - Have you seen him yet?

  • Hello, Just to remind you, there was a short broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland's Radio Cafe on Tuesday about Big Man Walking. It's now available online to listen again for a week, go here (BBC iPlayer) to listen to it and let us know what you think! And Big Man is luxuriating on the Guardian's centre page spread today! Pop down to your local newsagents to pick up a copy and see the handsome Big Man with your very own eyes. Also, can I just say... WOW! I've seen Big Man, I've seen him Walking, and he looks AMAZING! In fact, he looks amazing-with-bells-on! I'm so, so excited about going out and about with Big Man, our first event is in just over a week in Bute - I can't believe it! We are all really looking forward to seeing you there, or in one of the other places he visits. Ciao x