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Just Over Two Weeks Until the First Big Man Event!

  • Hello Hello! I have been quite absent of late, Watchers, and I'm sorry... My body has been launching an appeal and bombarding me with ailments, so I'm stocking up on Lemsips and buckling down... Because Big Man is coming out to play for the first time later this month in Bute! He will be there on the 26th and 27th of September! That is, I realised earlier this week, just over two weeks away! And we are getting excited here at the Lab... Over the past few days I've been finalising the last few details of all sorts of logistics stuff (accommodation etc...) for Bute. I feel like the nanny of a very large family - 31 people will be escorting the lovely Big Man on to the isle of Bute, and I want to make sure they're all well taken care of. Also, did you know that over 4,000 sheets of copper leafing were used on the Big Man's clothes? And it looks spectacular... Ciao for niao, Indira