Watch the BIG MAN webstream live

Here he comes walking down the street!!

  • Phase 1 the build is finished. Phase 2 rehearsals are progressing smoothly. There are a few operational snags but we are all eager to bring the Big Man from his secret location to the first event in Bute on the 26th September. Be prepared for his image to be revealed on the 22nd of September. Remember you can watch live on this site to see what he sees as he walks down the street of each community. Watch him watching? In the meantime all sorts of crazy stuff is going on on Bute and the team there need to be congratulated on all the fantastic effort they are putting in to welcoming the Big Man . They are certainly keeping it live and online. I know for a fact there are other watchers groups in Kirkcaldy, Invergordon ,Buckie and Inverclyde no doubt they will have stuff posted up here soon. This is a live web site and the content is kept up to date by input from its members. So far we have plenty of puppetry members who have been avidly watching the build. We have lots excellent videos posted by Alex from each area. Now we need those who live in each area to follow Bute’s lead and start to promote your events to your friends, families and contact lists. Traditional advertising hoarding websites are not what I wanted for this project . I wanted a dynamic talking place where we share our experiences of what the Big Man project means to us. However that will only work if westart to communicate this idea and encourage people to join.. it’s exciting because it is what we make it. With over 9000 hits last week there is plenty of interest in what we are doing. Even if you are not on The BM’s initial itinerary let the Man know what you are up to, after all he may come to where you live one day. Spread the word as we countdown to the big Man arrival. Oh and take a note of the telephone number oposite and when you see him post up your phone picture of the Big Man. Symon